Consultations are via Zoom to more or less anywhere in the world.


'Conversing Angels' by Kirsty O'Connor

‘Conversing Angels’ by Kirsty O’Connor


Standard Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation 60 minutes £100

Subsequent consultations 60 minutes £75 (if taken within 2 years)

Medical Astrology Consultations

Initial Consultation 60 minutes £120

Subsequent consultations 60 minutes £75 (If taken within 1 year)

Please add £5 for any payments made by PayPal



Clients are most welcome to record the session, and I am happy to do this for you, and to provide a link to be downloaded at no extra charge, provided it is understood that this is at your own risk. If, for any reason, the recording fails the session cannot be repeated. I do however make every effort to ensure that everything works well – and, fortunately, it is exceptionally rare for problems like this to arise.


To Make an Appointment

In the first instance please contact me at with your date, time and place of birth and let me know when you would like the consultation. I will then send you further details to finalise the appointment.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Notes on Astrological Consultations

Astrology is based on the observation that there is a correlation between personality and the positions of the planets at the time and place of a person’s birth. Your birth chart is a simplified diagram of where the planets were when you took your first independent breath. The task of an astrologer is to translate the symbols on your chart into terms of your unique personality, relationship patterns, vocation and life in general.

Different astrologers work in different ways. My own focus is on helping clients maximise choice and realise potential, acknowledging at the same time the transpersonal dimension of life, whatever that may mean for the person concerned. I don’t tell fortunes, predict events or deal with past lives.


Astrology offers rich benefits to those who are open to self-exploration and personal growth. It can help untangle the complexities of your psychological makeup and affirm your own felt life experience. This astrological ‘character-mirroring’ can be a powerful therapeutic experience in itself, leading to a healthy objectivity about who you are as well as enhancing your sense of identity and self-worth.

Identifications of Potentials and Problems

Astrology can highlight your areas of greatest gifts and strengths. It is also particularly well suited to showing, in a palatable and non-judgmental way, the so-called ‘negative’ parts which most of us have difficulty in accepting – and then go on to show the positive potential in these very traits. It can show too why certain situations occur, often repeatedly, why you attract the kinds of relationships you do and point to possible constructive ways forward.

Meaning and Purpose

Because astrology shows clear connections between the cosmos and the individual many clients come to a realisation of being a vital part of the greater whole, of living in a purposeful universe. Far from predicting unalterable, fated events, serious astrological forecasting can show what needs to be dealt with at any one time, thus giving you a greater measure of choice and control. If you are willing to take on some responsibility for shaping your own life, the map and timetable for periods of change that your birth chart provides equips you well for moving towards fulfilling your own unique potential – or destiny.


Strict confidentiality is guaranteed, both about the identity of clients and the content of consultations.


I have had a few different types of reading over the years. Jane’s was like no other, a total eye opener, and absolutely insightful. Jane was extremely skilful in demonstrating the complex tapestry of my family relations and dynamics, which has been a challenge and the main trigger for the reading. In a few sentences, she vividly and accurately laid out the power dynamics I had with my parents and the extended family clan. She also helped me to see how this has been affecting the way I handle my romantic relationship, and how I could break the cycle. At times during the reading, I felt she was able to touch into the depth of my psyche, and articulate aspects of me at a soul level that I was unable to express myself. Her illumination has provided me with such profound insight, perspective, relief, and objectivity; and has brought me great comfort, understanding, and resolution.

In the weeks and months following the reading, I felt a renewed hope and personal power in recognizing some old emotional and behaviour patterns, and exchanging them for new and better ones. As a result of the reading, I have now become more self-accepting and practice more self-love and self-compassion than ever before.

One of her other strength that left me with such a lasting impression was her humanity and wisdom in presenting and offering deep insights, yet not enforcing any of her opinions. She used the chart as a compass, showed me the 3D view of my life map which felt so resonating, and opened up channels for me to work on things even long after the reading.

I highly recommend Jane if you are on a journey of self- exploration, and need some external objective guidance on yourself and your journey ahead. C.Y. Scotland 


I have been a client of Jane’s now for 7 years. It was through astrology that I was introduced to myself properly for the first time ever. I left feeling that she knew me better than I knew myself. I was both amazed and comforted. With Jane’s immense and ever growing knowledge, passion, patience, dedication, warmth, support and guidance, I have been able to understand life’s challenges and navigate myself through difficult transitions without living in such constant fear. When I listen back to the recordings in our first sessions from 2010 I realise that I have grown enormously in every area of my life especially spiritually and I know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I have become my most authentic version of myself and it is only through astrology that I believe that’s been possible.  C.J. UK


I just of want to say how much our sessions helped me. Bits of our conversations fall into place, and have helped me on my way so much. Our conversations were so meaningful to me and have ‘aligned’ with so much. Thank you.  M.C. USA