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16th to 18th August 2019

Faculty of Astrological Studies Summer School

Exeter College, Oxford

An Astrological Guide to the Body – A Weekend Course in Medical Astrology

Astrological man with signs of the zodiac, 1529 – CC BY 4.0 – Wellcome Images

This weekend course will cover the fundamental components of medical astrology and how these work together to produce the range of body symptoms that is as characteristic for the individual as the birth chart. It will also highlight the vital importance of the personal meaning of illness and demonstrate how to uncover this. The course consists of three parts – the framework factors supporting the theory and practice of the astrology of the body, ample case study material and work on our own charts, including possible approaches to individual healing.

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Monday 19th to 23rd August 2019

The Summer School track Healing Ancestral Wounds will be given by Lynn Bell, Darby Costello, Melanie Reinhart, Glòria Roca and myself and I will present two sessions on Monday 19th – Unto the Third and Fourth Generations and The Buck Stops Here

Recent studies in genetics have demonstrated that traumatic experiences in our parents’ and grandparents’ pasts can leave molecular scars on our DNA that have an impact our own behaviour and attitudes as well as on our physical and mental health. Positive intervention can prevent the unwanted inheritance of ancestral trauma. The sessions on this track will help us to safely connect with our ancestral wounds, and in a state of honouring allow us to gain wisdom and strength from painful familial experiences.

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Saturday 19th October 2019 3pm to 4.30pm

Faculty of Astrological Studies Online Seminars

An Introduction to Medical Astrology

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Saturday 26th October 2019

Aquarius Rising Seminar

Hilton Hotel, Byers Road, Glasgow 10am to 5pm

What Your Symptoms are Trying to Tell You

Astrology teaches us that body, mind and spirit are connected in one seamless whole, and just how closely our ailments mirror back our inner lives can often be breath-taking. When we pay attention to our symptoms using the insights of astrology, the personal meaning and healing potential of these become clear and a great deal of suffering may be avoided in the process. Add to this techniques from transpersonal psychology and we have access to a powerful toolkit for identifying the beliefs, ideas, feelings and stories that have accumulated around whatever chart factors are linked with the malady. Using case studies and a clear step-by-step approach we’ll see how the messages that our symptoms are carrying can be unravelled to reveal the underlying wisdom of the body that constantly prompts us about the way forward out of stuck places into a fuller life. We’ll find too how the blueprint for positive change that astrology provides can help us upgrade our current ‘life scripts’ to healthier options. So don’t forget to bring your own chart along.

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